Stroller Hooks

Stroller Hook – 2 Pack of Multi Purpose Hooks – Hanger for Baby Diaper Bags, Groceries, Clothing and Purse

  • HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL SET OF 2. Are you looking for a strong Hook and Hanger that are easy to use , simple and will fit on any stroller.
  • IS THIS YOU ? Are you a Mom & Dad constantly on the go with young ones who bring a lot of stuff and accessories !
  • 100% Guarantee – IDEAL Gift


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What others are saying about us…

These stroller hooks by QuackBabyQuack are amazing! Super versatile and really nice quality! These stroller hooks have carabiner type clips, so they keep your items securely fastened. They are perfect to hold your diaper bag, purse, or shopping bags, letting the stroller take the weight and not your back! They are also perfect for non-baby related uses as well. They can be used to secure your purse to your chair while out dining (instead of putting it on the dirty floor) or attaching a smaller bag to the handle of your suitcase while traveling, or even keeping your keys attached to your belt loop or purse handle instead of them falling out of your pocket or sinking to the bottom of your bag. The uses are endless!!! Such a simple and easy design, perfectly sized for on-the-go! I am so happy with this really neat purchase! …Miss G

I initially ordered these for my wife as the stroller gets crowded. I received the Quackbabyquack Baby Stroller Hooks 2 Pack. I tested these hooks right away to see if they were sturdy enough for my wife’s diaper bag and I must say that they did the job.She no longer has to carry the diaper bag and push the double stroller around. That makes her so happy! She also used the hooks for shopping bags and the kids jackets. I would totally recommend this product for parents that are in need to hooking things up to their strollers… Mr Brown

Baby Stroller Hooks…people just think of everything these days. I took my grandchildren to the mall over the weekend and it was the perfect time to try them out. Usually my arms are killing me until the end of the day from trying to carry everything but these were so helpful. I only had bags with clothing, shoes, etc in them plus my purse on one side and diaper bag on the other so they weren’t extremely heavy but I was able to put a few bags on each hook. The Velcro is very strong. The most weight I have had on them so far is about 15 pounds and the Velcro didn’t pull apart at all. The hooks are very easy to maneuver with a push of your thumb. There are so many uses for them. I hooked them on my grocery cart to hold my little wristlet and my car keys. I used to hook them on the little child seat belts but the grocery store I shop at doesn’t have them anymore. The creative person could come up with a lot of ideas and I’m sure I will the longer I use them. I would recommend these nifty little hooks… Mrs Rss G


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